Business information for Marblehead Massachusetts

Property Tax Abatement Rules

The deadline to apply for a property tax abatement is Monday, February 2 in most communities including Marblehead, as Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Galvin is reminding residents. As Galvin said, “First-quarter property tax bills are due then, and it is also the last day a property owner can seek an abatement on the tax assessed.

He continued, “Home prices are rising, as are assessments, but valuations do not rise equally. If you believe your assessment is too high, then you might want to explore the abatement process.”

Property owners may want to challenge a tax bill for a number of reasons. They may feel that the assessment is too high in relation to similar properties near theirs. They may think the classification is improper or they may think the property is exempt by law.

For those who want more information about seeking an abatement, they can find details at or by calling 1-800-392-6090.

Exemptions are available for people in certain situations. These include elderly homeowners, the blind, disabled veterans, minor children of a deceased parent or minor children of a police or firefighter who died in the line of duty.

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